Cover Reveal: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

As if the chapter-by-chapter taste of the upcoming and most anticipated Travis POV of the Beautiful Disaster book is not enough to sweep us off our feet, Jamie McGuire recently dropped another bomb in the guise of arm porn and tattoos.

To the squealing ladies, please have a glimpse of Travis Maddox’s ravishing right arm and a little of his peck in the book cover of The Walking Disaster. Dirty wild love, that is.

I can’t concentrate. I bet you can’t, too. 😀

Source: Maryse’s Book Blog

– Nataliya

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The Printed Word: Beautiful Disaster

This is too good to be true, and yet, it’s real.

Beautiful Disaster, by Jamie McGuire, is now available on paperback here in the Philippines!

How can I even resist such temptation when Fully Booked (Greenbelt 5) just had it displayed in front of their store? No questions asked, I immediately called Anya & asked her if she wanted a copy as well. A couple of minutes later and I already have my precious printed copy of Beautiful Disaster.

First love never dies. It’s my very first taste of indie, and since then, I’ve been on a reading streak of indie books.

For the fans
whose love for a story
turned a wish
into the book in your hand

Sweetest dedication ever! 🙂

Anyway, aside from Fully Booked, I think you can also get a copy of Beautiful Disaster in National Bookstore (SM Malls). Not sure about Powerbooks though, as their Alabang Town Center branch didn’t have a copy when I checked it out yesterday.

Swear, read it. You’ll get kilig more than you can ever imagine. 😉

– Nataliya

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Outlet Amidst The Metro

Something’s a-cookin! Anya and Nataliya are up to something really fan-girly.

And we absolutely know that you share the same feeling. 😉 Watch out!